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Why should one avoid canned food?

There are several reasons for which you should prevent eating canned food. Canned Food, fruits and vegetables are not as good as fresh food, but this is not only the case; beyond are various factors you have to take into consideration concerning canned food products:

  • Bisphenol or BPA 

The most critical factor you have to worry about is plastic contaminants known as Bisphenol. This material is made from crude oil and used to keep the food inside cans as good as possible, but it's very harmful and cause some diseases.

  • Aluminium leaks

As aluminum pots leak, aluminum cans also leak. Millions of aluminum pounds are used to fabricate food cans each year and according to some researchers, when this material is excessively accumulated in the body, it could lead to Alzheimer and some other kinds of diseases.

  • Low level food quality

Fresh food products are of high quality level but canned food are not. Basically, fresh food are likely to be sold by distributors at a high price because they earn a maximum profit possible. On the contrary, low quality food products aren't desired by suppliers to be sold directly and are rather cooked, processed and canned to be shipped all over the world.

  • Preservatives

Another major reason why you should stay away from consuming canned food is the added preservatives. Preservatives contain chemical products such as "mercury nitrite" which could cause certain forms of cancer to the human body.

In conclusion, the above reasons are fair enough to prevent you from buying canned food. However, if you can't stop using them, you could switch to food that are packed in glass jars but overall, it would be much better if you only eat food, vegetables and fruits that are fresh.